Top 3 HR articles on 2019

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1. How to establish a feedback culture in your company ?

One of the key trends of the Future Of Work is the need for feedback. In the past, feedback was given and received during annual or perhaps quarterly reviews. Now, we are able to gather honest, constructive feedback on an ongoing basis. Read more


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2. Develop collective intelligence and boost innovation in your company

A lack of collaboration and cooperation within a team can prove a company’s downfall. The solution? Collective intelligence – the only response suited to our ever-changing and increasingly complex world.

Collective... what?

Vincent Leenhardt defines collective intelligence as “the dynamic interaction of responsible, interconnected stakeholders working together to achieve a shared vision”. Let’s break down this definition and see how collective intelligence can help boost innovation in your company.

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3. Boost customer satisfaction through better employee engagement

Customer satisfaction is a key concern for any company. You may think you’ve done everything possible to improve your customer experience, but there’s still that niggling feeling that you could do better, you just don’t know how... What if you took a different approach? The solution might come from one of your employees and their own experience within your company. Read more


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