June 2019 News

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Dear Bleexo users, hello!

This month we are very happy to present you 4 of our new and long-awaited functionalities that bring even more flexibility and customization to Bleexo.

  1. The new module: ASK, the right question at the right moment.
  2. Customisable level of confidentiality.
  3. Customisable message on the welcome page “MyBleexo”.
  4. Customisable label on measurement scales in “ASK”.


1 – The new module: ASK, the right question at the right moment

In addition to the module Pulse, that sends recurring and regular inquiries, ASK is a new module that lets you ask one-shot questions, send one-time surveys.

What does ASK bring to the suite of Bleexo?

  • A new dimension to feedback
  • More flexibility
  • More customisation
  • Inquiry contextualization
  • Targeting population segments

You ask unique questions when you want and to a group of people that you select

Browser ask

4 examples of usage :

  • Your marketing team comes back from a seminar, use ASK to get their feedback on it.
  • A new process was implemented, use ASK for your teams in London to evaluate it.
  • You are looking for a name for your new product, use ASK to get ideas from your entire company.
  • CSR is strategic and you would like to understand how your CSR strategy is seen by your employees. Create a pool of questions wish ASK.

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Intuitive, robust and serious

As usual, Bleexo created ASK under its 3 principles : simple, serious and robust.

How do you launch an ASK survey under 3 minutes?

  1. Write a title and an introduction sentence.
  2. Program a starting, ending dates and automatic follow-ups.
  3. Choose your targeted population.
  4. Get your question from our library that is divided by theme (trainings, employer brand, sense of belonging, events, integration process, agility, etc…) or you can create your own questions.

It’s done! You only need to wait for results!


2 – Customisable level of confidentiality

In the administration module it is now possible to change the level of confidentiality. For information, this level is a minimum number of respondents under which responses do not appear. You can now adapt this number to different sizes of your teams.

For instance, you have a commercial team of 4 employees. If you lower the confidentiality level to 4, you can use Bleexo to get local insights.


3 – Customisable message on the welcome page “MyBleexo”

The first page that you see while entering Bleexo is called MY BLEEXO. This is where all the inquiries, 360° and Bravos are displayed. This is where all your employees go through each time.

You are now able to create a general welcoming message that you can change in the administration module.

hello laurent cercle


4 – Customisable label on measurement scales in “ASK”

In the ASK module you can customise labels of a response scale. It is a small detail that adds great importance to Bleexo’s customisation. You can adapt reply labels to your company’s culture or to the question itself.

For example :

A – Culture : you are working in a startup and you would you like to ask this question: “What do you think about our new logo?”. The labels could be “I love it!” and “Hate it!”. If you work in a more traditional company, you could adapt labels to “I like it very much” and “I do not really like it”.

B – Question : For a question like “How are you doing?”, labels could be: “very well” and “not so well”. If you have many meetings during the week, you can as a question: “What do you think about our meetings, do you find them…” with labels corresponding: “too short” and “too long”.


With these updates, Bleexo solidifies its HR and management suite of tools to develop People and teams.

  • Pulse, to regularly take the pulse of your teams.
  • ASK, to create punctual and customisable surveys.
  • 360° and 180° feedbacks, because knowledge empowers self-development.
  • Coaching, to be inspired by advices of our professionals.
  • Bravo! to celebrate both small and big achievements.


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